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Building Bonds and Shaping the Future: Rivergate Strategy Offsite

Rivergate Marketing team celebrating on the back porch in front of the ocean.

Building Bonds and Shaping the Future: Rivergate Strategy Offsite This past November, our team gathered together in Salisbury, MA for our annual strategy offsite. The retreat provided us with the opportunity to reflect on the company’s recent growth and to build bonds and friendships. Blog by Brittany Averill At Rivergate Marketing, we recently held our […]

The Power of Human Interest Pieces

Rivergate Marketing Shine the Spotlight on your Employees

The Power of Human Interest Pieces In this blog, we explore how human interest pieces add depth, relatability, and authenticity to your brand’s narrative. From showcasing employee achievements to building emotional connections with clients and attracting top talent, human interest pieces play a pivotal role in your brand’s resonance and success. This article explains why […]

7 Essential Marketing Trends for Industrial Automation in 2024

Rivergate Marketing 7 Essential Marketing Trends for Industrial Automation in 2024

7 Essential Marketing Trends for Industrial Automation in 2024 Discover the future of marketing in industrial automation with our comprehensive guide on the top seven trends for 2024. From leveraging AI for personalized and segmented marketing to embracing video storytelling and understanding the buyer’s journey, this blog post is your roadmap to success. We also […]

The Evolved Road Map for Marketing Success – How Rivergate Marketing Works with Clients

Rivergate Marketing Road Map for Marketing Success

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, Rivergate Marketing is more committed than ever to adapting and innovating. As always, we work as an integral partner and extension of our client’s team. Here’s an updated look at our client engagement process: Initial Conversation – Understand your current needs, challenges, and aspirations for partnering with a marketing firm. […]

[Top 6 Tips] How to Find Content When Engineers “Don’t Write”

Rivergate Marketing how to find content when engineers don't write

Rivergate Marketing was featured in a CSIA webinar where we shared our top six tips for motivating engineers to create content pieces that will ultimately lead to better brand awareness and expertise exposure for your company. The webinar was hosted by CSIA’s Tony Veroeven and has since also been published on the CSIA podcast, Talking […]

Tell Me More about SEO!

Rivergate Marketing Podcast search engine optimization.

On this episode of the Rivergate Marketing Podcast, Christine McQuilkin answers an attendee question from her presentation at the Control System Integrators Association’s 2022 Executive Conference… “Tell me more about SEO!” asked an eager attendee. Follow Christine’s step-by-step advice to use her top SEO tip and drive better traffic to your company’s website. Listen below! […]

Welcome to the Rivergate Marketing Podcast​

Rivergate Marketing Podcast launch.

Welcome to the Rivergate Marketing Podcast We are pleased to announce the start of “The Rivergate Marketing Podcast.” Each episode will feature a Rivergate team member discussing marketing topics and strategies that they are individually passionate about. The episodes, which are available now on Spotify, will also be featured on our blog with a transcription […]

Email Marketing: The What & Why

Rivergate Marketing Email Marketing: The What & Why

What Email Marketing is and How to Utilize it as an Effective Marketing Tool Did you know that more than four billion people worldwide use email? That number is only predicted to grow by 2025. Alongside the ever-evolving social media and digital world, email marketing is here to stay. A company that sends out monthly […]

Rivergate Marketing to Share Expertise to System Integrators at CSIA Executive Conference in Denver

Rivergate Marketing CSIA Executive Conference 2022 Presentation

Rivergate Marketing’s President Georgia Whalen and Vice President of Account Services Christine McQuilkin will present digital marketing strategies at the Control System Integrators Association’s Executive Conference in Denver, Colorado on June 29, 2022. Arlington, MA – June 20, 2022 – Rivergate Marketing, a strategic marketing and communications partner to business-to-business companies in engineering and technology, […]

The Benefits of Conducting Customer Interviews

Rivergate Marketing - Benefits of Client Interviews

Keeping a pulse on how clients perceive your company is invaluable to relationship management. Learning where you are excelling and discovering where there is room for improvement allows you to improve relationships.