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Email Marketing: The What & Why

Email Marketing: The What & Why

Did you know that more than four billion people worldwide use email? That number is only predicted to grow by 2025. Alongside the ever-evolving social media and digital world, email marketing is here to stay. A company that sends out monthly newsletters, product updates, and marketing emails remains active in its customers’ minds.

If you have doubts about venturing into email marketing, Rivergate Marketing is here to educate you on the various types of marketing emails and how email marketing could benefit your business.  We help you connect with your target audience and effectively grow your brand. All business professionals check their email constantly, empowering companies to stay connected. Email marketing – executed properly – continues to be a powerful marketing tool. From newsletters to targeted email campaigns, follow the advice below to stay top of mind with your clients and prospects. 


Types of Marketing Emails

There are different marketing emails you can utilize depending on your goals and who you are trying to contact. Below are four types of marketing emails:


Newsletters are an excellent tool for educating customers about your company while also explaining projects and other relevant topics. Market to potential clients and nurture current clients by addressing company news, projects, awards, events, and more.

We have found that many Rivergate Marketing clients benefit from a quarterly newsletter to stay top of mind, drive up customer engagement and increase website traffic. 

Campaign Emails

Campaign emails are designed to bring your customer’s attention to a specific topic. Whether it’s a new product, expanded service, or simply a “get to know us,” all of your relevant content is structured into a chain of automated emails.

For example, when one of our clients was trying to win more business in the food and beverage industry, we created a sequence of automated emails to be delivered once per week.  The emails shared educational content on specific industry pain points, as well as links to case studies, videos, and other relevant information.  When the campaign was complete, the sales team had detailed information on who opened the emails and what links were clicked – a great way to gauge interest!

Event Emails

Event emails are a perfect way to let your audience know about major functions at your company. Inform your clients about trade shows, speaking events, or new employees to help them engage with you.

Pre- and post- event and trade show emails are examples of event emails that are widely used to communicate with contacts and generate interest for a specific occasion.

Gated Content Emails

Content is considered gated when the website visitor has to fill out a form with information such as their name and email address, in order to read or download that content. Once the form has been submitted, the visitor receives an email with a link to the gated content.  These emails generate high open and click rates, as do other transactional emails like receipts, invoices, and billing statements. This helps to improve future email deliverability by improving your email sender reputation.


Benefits of Email Marketing

Below are a few of the many benefits of email marketing for your business.  Email marketing’s low cost and easy implementation keep it one of the top tactics for engaging with current and prospective customers, allowing you to stay top of mind when they have a need for your products or services.

Reach a Global Audience

Email marketing allows you to market your product to thousands of people worldwide instantaneously. 

Low Cost

With no print fees, postage costs, or delivery fees, email marketing is less expensive than many other marketing channels.

Drive Revenue

With a clear call to action and a direct link to your services, your email newsletters can drive sales swiftly, unlike other channels that may take longer to yield results.

Easy to Get Started

Email marketing requires only a single person or a small team to execute, so you can create brilliant campaigns quickly and easily using templates, videos, or images.

Easy to Measure

With email marketing, you can easily measure and see where you are going wrong or what you are doing right. Using data analytics and a marketing automation platform such as HubSpot, you can see how customers respond to different emails and follow your audience’s digital movements.

Work With the Best Marketing Partner

Are you ready to incorporate email marketing into your business? Contact us to discuss creating a successful marketing program that will ensure that you boost your sales and grow your business.


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