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HubSpot Services

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a powerful tool that can help you understand your clients behavior, nurture leads, manage contacts, and more. But starting out and implementing what you need in HubSpot can be very intimidating. As your HubSpot Partner, we help you navigate and understand your hubs to feel like a HubSpot pro.

Hubspot Certified Solutions Partner badge Rivergate Marketing

Rivergate Marketing has been a HubSpot Solutions Partner since 2018. HubSpot offers clients reliability, ease of use, and a robust suite of tools.

Using a marketing automation platform like HubSpot allows us to bring the discrete pieces of your marketing and sales programs together. With streamlined reporting and full context in your CRM, many of our clients have seen huge returns from the information that HubSpot provides.

What Do I Get From a HubSpot Solutions Partner?

As your HubSpot Solutions Partner, Rivergate Marketing’s team of digital marketing specialists will help you learn how to create a blog through HubSpot, make compelling calls to action (CTAs), set up forms to capture leads through gated content, and more! Get valuable insights and streamline your CRM processes. 

We work with you to make HubSpot work for you — whether you’d like to be hands-on and in the platform or leave all the implementation to us. We are most experienced with HubSpot's Marketing and Sales Hubs.

Rivergate Marketing HubSpot Services

As a marketing partner to engineers and with a team of digital marketing specialists, we work with all the HubSpot hubs, but the Marketing Hub is our specialty. 

Onboarding and training

As your HubSpot Solutions Partner, it's our job to make sure your internal team has a strong handle on how to use HubSpot. We’ll help you get set up with your HubSpot hubs and train your team so that they can feel like experts too.

Import your existing CRM

We’ll help you transition into HubSpot; you’re not in this alone! We’ll help you navigate moving from your previous CRM to HubSpot's CRM, or simply upload your key contacts and sync the data.

Create a branded blog

A blog is a key component to improving your SEO and driving organic traffic to your website. In the world of system integration and engineering, a blog plays an important role in designating your company as a thought leader.

Build landing pages

Landing pages allow you to target specific and key clients in marketing campaigns. We’ll help you create a branded, unique landing page template and build out pages for your campaigns.

Construct calls-to-action

A call to action, CTA, is one of the most important parts of your website. A CTA is the action you want visitors to take on a specific page. Maybe it's to contact you, or maybe it's to download a case study. This action drives leads and helps you understand what your website visitors find valuable.

Build forms

Capture the information you need about your leads so that you can continue to engage with them beyond one touch point. Gate content to see who’s reading your assets, create newsletter signups, build a compelling contact us form, and more!

Create workflows

Capture the information you need about your leads so that you can continue to engage with them beyond one touch point. Gate content to see who’s reading your assets, create newsletter signups, build a compelling contact us form, and more!

Segment your contacts

Segmenting your contacts is an important step in building a stronger marketing strategy. In system integration, you know that the needs of a food manufacturer will be different than those of a chemical plant. While there is overlap, segmenting these contacts allows you to have more meaningful conversations with target clients. Our team will help you build your contact lists into targetable sub-lists.

Track conversions

We’ll help you understand what is driving your leads and business. What was the final step a client took before they converted into a lead? What piece of content compelled someone to take action?

Customize reporting dashboards

Based on your unique goals, we’ll help you build meaningful reporting dashboards that help you navigate and understand the information you’re looking for

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, yes.  HubSpot has native integrations with many popular CRMs.  There is also a very robust API option.  We do not provide the API integration, but many of our clients have someone in-house who is able to set that up.  If you do not have an in-house programmer, we can recommend other options to get this set up.

Absolutely!  Unlimited users are included in the Marketing Pro package, which is our standard recommendation.  

While most clients often leave the marketing tools to us, there are built-in CRM (customer relationship management) tools included.  Some of our customers use this as their main CRM tool.  Other clients chose to upgrade to HubSpot Sales Pro to take advantage of more advanced features. 

The power of HubSpot is having everything in one place.  Sales can see what marketing is doing and marketing can see what sales is doing.  By eliminating those silos, we can make more effective decisions and get a better sense of the ROI on those activities.  

The automation within Hubspot is also very powerful.  You can scale your outreach, and slim down your to-do list by automating tasks and marketing activities within HubSpot.  We choose HubSpot over other marketing automation tools because in our experience, it is the most reliable and user friendly software that we have tried.  This provides better adoption by all stakeholders.

Our HubSpot Certifications

Rivergate Marketing’s team is HubSpot certified for:

Rivergate marketing team working in HubSpot

We’re so passionate about being a HubSpot Solutions Partner and helping the industry grow their business’ capabilities, we offer our HubSpot services ‘a la carte.’

Even if we are not on a marketing journey with you, we can still help! If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you navigate HubSpot, please reach out!