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Press Release Packages

Get the Word Out with Press Releases

Rivergate Marketing writes, optimizes and strategically distributes press releases using traditional newswire services, reaching thousands of news media outlets.

Press releases inform your customer base, reach new audiences and position your business as a market leader. Press releases can be about projects, new hires, events, product/service updates, etc. 

In addition to increasing exposure to the media, press releases have a ‘long-tail’ effect on the success of your digital marketing, helping your company be found by potential customers and often ranking higher in search results for the related information.

Search Engine Optimization Through Press Releases

Press releases play a vital part in a strong search engine optimization strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website so that it is picked up by search engines – like Google – and gains better traffic. This is not paid traffic, such as from AdWords or other pay-per-click – PPC – programs. SEO revolves around increasing the number of keywords you rank for, properly indexing your website so that it can be ‘crawled,’ and improving the authority of your website. Learn more about what SEO is in this blog.

The job of a search engine is to provide relevant content and websites for users based on their search intent as evidenced by the keywords they are using in their query. Each search engine has an algorithm to determine if your content is relevant to what users are searching for, and SEO is how you optimize your content to get the best ranking.

What does SEO have to do with press releases?

Press releases are an incredible tool to improve your SEO. One of the ways that search engines rank your website is based on how many credible links from other high ranking websites link back to your domain. This is key to quickly and durably increasing your domain authority. Think of it like this: the search engine wants to know if you are a trusted source, and other websites that have strong rankings can help vouch for you. As explained in this Moz article, backlinking is like a ‘vote of confidence’ for your website.

So how do press releases tie into this? When you put out a press release, editors and publications are going to pick up your story if they feel its relevant to their audiences. When that press release is digitally published on their sites, typically well-indexed and popular sites, you suddenly have dozens or hundreds of other websites that are pointing back to your domain through the press release. Through press releases, you are expanding your brand’s digital footprint.

Common results from distributing press releases are increases in metrics used to rank your website’s SEO: a marked increase in the number of keywords your website ranks for and an increase in its domain and page authority.

How to Use Press Releases to Improve Your SEO

Press releases are also a great way to increase the number of keywords you rank for. By including targeted keywords within your press release, you’re increasing the amount of quality content around that keyword which is what search engines are crawling for. In addition to increasing exposure to the media, press releases have a ‘long-tail’ effect on the success of your digital marketing, helping your company be found by potential customers.

Working with Rivergate Marketing: Press Releases

While you can write and distribute a press release yourself, Rivergate Marketing can help improve the success and strength of your press release. Our team of writers specializes in writing for system integration and engineering audiences, so we know how to make your press release stand out and hit the right targeted keywords.

In addition to a digital press release, we also send the release out to a unique set of publications, editors, and journalist lists that has been cultivated specific to your industries, location targets, and more through a targeted email. Through our strong media relationships, we know what editors are looking for and help your press release get seen by the right people. 

Common results from a press release email distribution are requests to publish additional articles, interviews, case studies, and occasionally to participate in a cover story.

While a free press release distribution might be tempting, paying for a press release on a reputable platform helps your release avoid getting lost in a chasm of spam, being ignored by editors due to sheer volume of submissions, and get the quality links that you’re looking for. The press releases posted by Rivergate Marketing through our preferred PR service are permanently hosted on PR Web. Learn more about distributing press releases with Rivergate Marketing.

We offer individual press releases and press release packages, depending on your needs.

Each press release includes:

Media Relations with Rivergate Marketing

To secure a steady cadence of media coverage for our clients, we foster strong relationships and ongoing conversations with top priority industry publications. This serves the purpose of establishing our clients as thought leaders and experts in the industries they serve.

Rivergate Marketing utilizes a small business platform which allows us to create and maintain customized media lists for our clients. We engage the editors of trade publications directly for wider distribution of press releases and pitching potential articles. This strategy has been implemented very successfully with publication in industry-leading journals including:

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Rivergate Marketing Press Release Packages
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Frequently Asked Questions

A press release is a short news article written in a very specific format and distributed to global newsrooms and journalists. Rivergate Marketing uses PRWeb, a global news wire service.  Additionally, we curate a list of news editors in your industry and email the press release directly to them for inclusion in their publication.  Occasionally, this results in offers for follow up content, such as feature articles, case studies, and more.

Online and broadcast news agencies get syndicated news from wire services so a press release will reach a much larger audience (numbering in the millions of potential views) than simply publishing a news item on your company website and social media channels.

Here are some examples of press release-worthy news:

  • Hire of a key or customer-facing employee
  • Promotion of key personnel
  • Company anniversary
  • Awards
  • New or updated product/service
  • Successful project completion
  • Participation in an event or speaking engagement

Publishing and promoting company news on your website and social media channels is always advised.  Also sending the news to the wire via a press release will exponentially increase the article’s potential views because major news outlets will reprint it on their websites.  This also will benefit your website’s domain authority because high-quality websites (news agencies) are giving website backlinks.