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When You Go Through Trying Times – Quote of the Week

Rivergate marketing "when you go through trying times you don't stop trying" Keving Ollie Uconn basketball

I’m a UConn grad. You might say our men’s basketball team had a pretty good weekend.

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It was somewhere around the 25th time I watched this clip that I noticed Jalen Adams right before he took this shot. For a fraction of a second, he is completely defeated.

When you go through trying times, you don’t stop trying. – UConn Men’s Basketball Coach Kevin Ollie

Maybe this quote ran through his head right before he took the 62-foot shot that kept their NCAA Tournament hopes alive.

What I’m taking away from this video and this team, aside from chest-bursting pride to be a Husky, is a reminder to keep trying. Maybe that project just got a little more complicated. Keep trying. Maybe you just got some bad news back from a client. Keep trying.

It’s Monday. Get going.

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