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The Power of the Press Release

Rivergate Marketing the power of the press release

So your company has just gone through an exciting change – maybe a new project, new hires, an event, or a product/service update. Perhaps you are considering broadcasting this change via a press release to engage your followers and a broader audience. Here’s everything you need to know:

Why Your Company Should Leverage Modern Press Releases in Today’s Digital Age

At Rivergate Marketing, we understand that the dynamics of information sharing have evolved. While the essence of press releases remains intact, their presentation, optimization, and distribution have been reshaped by the growing influence of digital marketing and social media trends.

Press releases today aren’t just about announcements; they’re tools to tell your brand story, connect with targeted audiences, and position your company as a thought leader in your niche. In addition to increasing exposure to the media, press releases also have a ‘long-tail’ SEO effect on the success of your digital marketing, helping your company be found by potential customers.

Why Opt for Press Releases?

  1. Boost Online Presence: Press releases contribute significantly to your digital marketing. They can help improve SEO, ensuring your business gets found by potential clients.
  2. Diverse Topics: They can cover a range of subjects from new product launches, events, milestones, or even company culture showcases.
  3. Thought Leadership: Quality press releases can get you noticed by top-tier industry publications, further establishing your brand’s authority. Rivergate Marketing’s clients have enjoyed features in renowned publications like Control Engineering MagazineModern Materials HandlingWater & Waste Digest, Food Quality and Safety Magazine and many more!

Why Not Just Any Press Release Platform?

It’s tempting to opt for “free” press release distribution platforms, but they often come with limitations:

  • Overcrowding makes it hard for journalists to notice your content.
  • They can be riddled with non-newsworthy, spammy releases.
  • They might not generate authoritative backlinks, which are crucial for SEO.

Rivergate Marketing’s Partnership with PRWeb: We’ve chosen PRWeb’s small business platform (a synergy of Cision and Vocus) for its expansive reach to over 1.6 million key contacts. This ensures your story reaches the right journalists, bloggers, and influencers. A couple of our success stories using this platform include:

What We Offer in Our Press Release Packages:

  • Tailored Content: Up-to-date company description, drafting, and revision of press releases.
  • Media Engagement: Customized list of media contacts (which we strategically build and maintain), allowing us to connect directly with trade publication editors.
  • Optimized Distribution: Geo-targeted, industry-specific, SEO-enhanced press releases.
  • Permanent Hosting on PRWeb: Ensuring a continuous online presence.
  • Enhanced Features: Custom URLs, imagery, and social sharing options to maximize reach and engagement. Also, links to your website and specific landing pages

Considering the digital revolution and the ever-evolving nature of marketing, it’s crucial to remain updated. Rivergate Marketing ensures your press releases align with modern trends, keeping your brand ahead of the curve.

Interested in amplifying your brand’s voice with our press release packages? Check out our press release packages and reach out today!

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