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Why Should My Company Share News Through a Press Release?

Rivergate Marketing Why shoudl my company share news through a press release?

Why Press Releases?

Rivergate Marketing writes, optimizes and strategically distributes press releases for clients. In addition to increasing exposure to the media, press releases have a ‘long-tail’ effect on the success of your digital marketing, helping your company be found by potential customers.


Press releases can be about projects, new hires, events, product/service updates, etc.


This strategy has been implemented very successfully for Rivergate Marketing clients. Editors of trusted and respected industry trade publications have requested articles from our clients to be published in their outlets. This has also served the purpose of establishing our clients as thought leaders and experts in the industries they serve. Rivergate Marketing has written articles on behalf of clients that have been published in Controls Engineering Magazine, Modern Materials Handling, Water & Waste Digest, and Food Quality and Safety Magazine.

Rivergate Marketing takes care to craft and optimize your press release and then distribute the release through a reputable news distribution service. While there are many “free” press release distribution services, there are inherent problems associated with free press releases:

  • With the sheer number of free sites, journalists can’t and won’t look at them all, if they even look at any.
  • Filled with spam advertisement type press releases – there are no rules, an editor is not reviewing these press releases to determine if they are newsworthy.
  • Generally, they do not generate quality links.

Rivergate Marketing distributes press releases through PRWeb’s small business platform. Formerly known as just Vocus, Cision and Vocus have joined together to provide a database of over 1.6 million contacts and outlets to find the journalists, bloggers and social influencers who can tell your story. Below we give two examples of recent press written, optimized and distributed by Rivergate Marketing using PRWeb’s small business platform:

Patti Engineering Awards FCA US as Customer of the Year 2015

SCADAware Expands its Operations in a Move from Bloomington to Normal, IL

Rivergate Marketing now offers press release packages. If you are interested in a press release delivered to mainstream news organizations, as well as search engines, news aggregators, and social media channels, we can help you.

Rivergate Marketing’s Press Release Packages

  • Include:
    • Updated boiler plate – company description at the end of your press release
    • Drafting and revision of press releases
    • Custom list of media contacts
      • Rivergate Marketing will strategically build and maintain the lists. This allows for Rivergate Marketing to engage the editors of trade publications directly for wider distribution of press releases and pitching potential articles.
    • Distribution of press release via PRWeb
      • Geographically focused
      • Industry targeted
      • Search Engine Optimized
      • Hosted permanently on PRWeb – ‘long-tail’ effect
      • Customized URL for enhanced targeting and branding opportunities
      • Pictures to drive interest and engagement
      • Links to your website and specific landing pages
      • “Share Article” icons to make it easy for readers to send your news to others through email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
      • Your social links to make it easy for readers to follow your company

If you would like information on package pricing, or if you would just like to discuss how press releases could benefit your organization, contact us today!

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