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Rivergate Marketing Unveils Itself as Premier Partner to Industrial Companies for B2B Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media

Rivergate Marketing - marketing partner to engineers and system integrators

Recognized by global leaders in industrial automation, Rivergate Marketing is positioned to add new clients in 2015, offering services in content marketing, public relations, email marketing, social media and more

Arlington, MA – November 17, 2014 – Rivergate Marketing, strategic marketing and communications partner to companies in engineering and technology, today announced its official expansion as a full service marketing and communications firm. It will be welcoming new clients in 2015. Founded by Georgia Whalen, the company has served as the marketing department for clients Patti Engineering and LEID Products since its inception in 2009. During that time, it has led all inbound and outbound marketing initiatives and public relations strategy. With an expanded and skilled team in place, Rivergate Marketing is positioned for growth.

Rivergate Marketing has been recognized for spearheading exceptional marketing initiatives by high profile partners to Patti Engineering, such as global leaders Siemens and Mitsubishi Electric. Rivergate is targeting the industrial automation, manufacturing and engineering niches to grow its client base. Many small to mid-sized businesses in these niches lack any formal marketing program to speak of. As the company officially launches, it will continue its steadfast work for Patti Engineering and LEID Products as its full service marketing and communications partner. The firm will also selectively add complementary clients for very focused and targeted growth.

“As the National Industrial Partner Manager at Siemens Industry, Inc., I have the opportunity to stay abreast of many company’s marketing campaigns. Standing out from the pack has been and continues to be Patti Engineering. Their marketing message, which has been developed and executed upon by their partner Rivergate Marketing, has resonated with a tough to reach audience, by combining technical success stories and human interest topics,” said Peter Treible, National Industrial Partner Manager at Siemens Industry, Inc. “Their consistent touch-points and messaging throughout the years has deepened their relationship from an engineering level to a business management level with their customers, their suppliers and their peers. My experience working with the company and Georgia Whalen of Rivergate Marketing directly has always been a pleasure and also a learning experience. The Rivergate team really knows what it takes to lead successful marketing and PR efforts in this industry.”

For what it would cost to hire a mid-level marketing person with general knowledge, Rivergate Marketing provides clients with a cutting-edge team with decades of combined and specialized experience.

“Our team has developed a high level of expertise in the industries we serve and we have grown a strong network of key industry influencers and media contacts. This has proven valuable to our clients in driving high visibility for news announcements, website overhauls, social media campaigns and ongoing maintenance of marketing and PR efforts,” said Georgia Whalen, founder, Rivergate Marketing.  “Moving into 2015, we have expanded our team and look forward to our continued partnership with Patti Engineering and LEID Products, in addition to bringing value to new complimentary clients within the niche industries we serve.”

“Working with Rivergate Marketing has really felt like having our own in-house marketing and PR team.  Rivergate Marketing’s team is a valuable extension of our team and we have successfully relied on their expertise to tell our story and build our brands for the past five years,” said Sam Hoff, president of LEID Products and executive vice president of Patti Engineering. “I would highly recommend that any company in the engineering, law enforcement or technology industries partner with Rivergate Marketing.”

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