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Marketing and Public Relations Require a Holistic and Integrated Approach Company-wide

Rivergate Marketing - A Holistic and Integrated Approach to Marketing and PR

Quality content is a company’s key to successful marketing and public relations (PR). From a press perspective, companies without a clear message and unique point of view is only as good as the next. Marketing, PR, sales, product management and all departments in between must understand a cohesive and compelling message to assist in positioning a company. People buy from brands they trust. Employees are spokespeople just as the marketing department or CEO is, meaning every single employee should be confident in their ability to articulate the company’s tangible value proposition.

Having an arsenal of quality content, that spans from high level messaging to in depth or technical product/service offerings, makes it easier for each department in an organization to learn, become comfortable with and ultimately, reiterate the company’s value add. So, how exactly do you get to this place?

  1. A key objective is to maintain and extend communication with your existing customer base. Are you distributing any newsletters? You should be.

  2. Expand your company’s reach by exploring new avenues – news releases across a variety of distribution channels, social media posts with new hashtags to reach new conversations, media outreach to publications that your potential customers read, etc.

  3. Conduct a content audit to determine what assets you have at your disposal and reuse and repurpose this content.

  4. Hire a marketing agency to identify a message that will resonate in your industry, and to assist with new content development.

  5. Drill your company message into every employee. Make sure they learn, understand and spread the message in everything they do.

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