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A Marketing Firm Can Make Your Company Shine

How a Marketing Firm makes your company shine Rivergate Marketing

“Hire a marketing firm? Are you kidding?! I can’t add any more projects onto what we’re already doing!” – Lots of business owners.  Maybe even you.

Relax.  A great marketing firm works with all the great things you’re already doing and helps all the right people know about it.

Check out a few examples:


You’re already…

Completing a successful project

We will…

  • Analyze the project and determine how it could relate to future business.  Examples:
    • Is this project in a new industry you’d like to work with?
    • Did the project solve a common problem that many other companies may be experiencing?
    • Does this project demonstrate an area of your company’s special expertise?
  • Determine how to best tell your story by:
    • Keeping your target audience in mind
    • Working directly with your team to extract relevant information
  • Tell your story (writing, editing, and verifying technical accuracy) and distribute that story through the best channels for your target audience.  Examples:
    • Newsletter to target current customers
    • Business journal article to target a specific industry
    • Press release to target a wider audience
    • Blog post to give your website visitors additional information
    • Whitepaper to give an in-depth look at an area of expertise
  • Follow through to maximize the project’s exposure
    • We will post the project permanently on the website
    • We will draw attention through social media channels

You’ll shine because…

  • Your experience is in front of the eyes of potential customers.
    • Returning customers are reminded that you might be able to help with a current need
    • New customers recognize your expertise in a particular area, and they consider calling you
    • Search engines index your new website content, allowing potential customers to find you when they search for a solution to a related problem


You’re already…

Attending trade shows

We will…

  • Take care of pre-show planning
    • Compile a brief business overview
    • Create a profile for the show’s website
    • Put together materials like sales sheets and promotional items
    • Craft and send emails before and after the event
    • Write and distribute a press release about your participation at the event
  • Leverage the power of social media by posting before and during the event
  • Create a professional booth for your company by
    • Managing orders for carpet, electrical, etc.
    • Maximizing space – physically and from a messaging standpoint

You’ll shine because…

  • You’re established as a professional organization
  • Attendees plan to meet you or seek you out
  • Passersby are drawn in to your booth


You already…

Have great company culture

We will…

  • Write blog posts
  • Post pictures to social media channels

You’ll shine because…

  • Future candidates will be lining up to apply to your company
  • Potential clients have yet another reason to work with you – the time they spend discussing equipment upgrades is even better when it’s enjoyable!


These are a sample of the great things that your company may already be doing.  At Rivergate Marketing, we’d love to make all your successes shine.

Tell us: What else is your company already achieving?  What would you like to make shine?

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