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Rivergate Marketing Announces Launch of New B2B Digital Marketing Podcast

Rivergate Marketing launches new B2B digital marketing podcast.

Rivergate Marketing Announces Launch of New B2B Digital Marketing Podcast

Rivergate Marketing announces the creation of their B2B digital marketing podcast, The Rivergate Marketing Podcast, focused on helping listeners in the industrial automation industry reach their growth goals through content creation and digital marketing.

Arlington, MA – December 21, 2022Rivergate Marketing, LLC, a strategic marketing and communications partner to business-to-business companies in engineering and technology, today announced the release of a new digital marketing podcast, The Rivergate Marketing Podcast.

The Rivergate Marketing Podcast will discuss the evolving challenges, sectors, technologies, and trends in today’s digital marketing world. Topics include content creation, SEO, social media, graphic design, marketing for engineers, best practices, interviews, and more.

“Our team has been excited to share our deep domain expertise in content creation, content SEO and digital marketing for a technical audience with an entirely new audience,” said Georgia Whalen, founder of Rivergate Marketing.  “New episodes will not only feature educational material, but also interesting interviews with key players in industrial automation and other engineering-related fields.”

The episodes, which are available now on Spotify, will also be featured on Rivergate Marketing’s blog with a transcription and additional information. Currently there are four feature episodes available. Topics include improving website traffic with search engine optimization (SEO), why your business needs social media, how your business can benefit from a digital marketing roadmap and marketing consulting, and most recently on how to create marketing content more easily.

Episodes are released monthly.


About Rivergate Marketing

Founded by Georgia Whalen in 2009, Rivergate Marketing provides a wide variety of services, including digital marketing, content SEO, content creation, public relations, social media, and more, to clients to strategically position and build their brand, create demand, generate leads and cultivate relationships. As a partner to its clients, Rivergate Marketing works to lift any marketing burden, allowing clients to concentrate on their customers. Rivergate Marketing is poised to serve business-to-business clients in a variety of high-tech industries, including industrial automation and engineering. For more information, visit Rivergate Marketing’s website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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