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Strategy Retreat Moves Business Forward

Rivergate Marketing team strategy retreat moves business forward.

At Rivergate Marketing, we ushered in the autumn season with an in-person strategy meeting in the beautiful coastal town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, at the Beauport Hotel. Between the long quarantine period and welcoming a new team member on board, it was really important for us to get together for some real-life face time! (After taking some rapid COVID tests, of course.)

We laughed, we dined, and we caught up on all the details that don’t make it into our weekly internal meetings. We even had some late-night drinks in the rooftop hot tub! Most importantly, we took advantage of the time together to nail down some important goals for Rivergate Marketing for the coming year. During our meetings, we took a concentrated and in-depth look at what makes our company great, and what could make it even better.

Taking time to clearly define the different stages of marketing, we developed some best practices to coach our clients from one level to the next, building upon their previous success. We updated our company’s Mission and Values, took a closer look at our strengths and weaknesses, and refined some of our standard operating procedures. We also filmed a video. Stay tuned for more on that!

“It was really exciting to be part of such a high-level meeting. This type of strategy meeting is usually reserved for the highest level business associates, but with a small team, it was really nice to be included in the strategic planning and feel as if everyone on the team’s input was valued,” Digital Marketing Specialist, Lauren Maranda reflected.

“During the retreat, we set aside blocks of time to do a deep dive on where our current clients are in their marketing journey and brainstorm ways to move them forward,” said Digital Marketing Manager Christine McQuilkin.  “It was time well spent; we developed many key initiatives which were cross-pollinated by the team’s diversity of experience.”

Our team is constantly working towards maximizing results and streamlining our processes for ourselves and our clients. We have set some ambitious goals for next year and are determined to continue making improvements to drive success for our clients in 2022.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to lead a team of such smart, passionate, and self-motivated individuals. They are supportive team players dedicated to the success of our company and driven to deliver the best results possible for our clients,” said President Georgia Whalen. “Just like our clients, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and our retreat was time well spent to that end. And I must say, the team bonding and having fun together was the icing on the cake!”

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