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Helping Clients “Win” at Digital Marketing

Rivergate Marketing Win at Digital Marketing

With content marketing, public relations, email marketing, social media management, customer interviews, and graphic design services, Rivergate Marketing is a full-service partner to technical B2B-focused companies.

Companies that invest in building a strong digital footprint to educate and nurture prospective customers benefit from the new online B2B buyer’s journey. This is especially true for complex technical sales where the buyer does not want direct contact with a company until they are 60 to 70% through their buying process. 

As a digital marketing partner to industrial and commercial engineering clients across the country, Rivergate Marketing’s team has developed a high level of expertise in planning and executing public relations and online marketing strategies that work for the industries we serve. We will help you harness the power of the web!

With years of experience collaborating with key industry influencers and media contacts, we have built a strong network for news coverage and editorial contributions for Rivergate clients. Our proven strategies help drive high visibility for our clients’ news announcements, social media campaigns, and marketing and PR efforts. 

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Rivergate Marketing provides a wide variety of digital marketing services to our clients to strategically position and build their brand, create demand, and generate leads. With our retainer services, we work across all time zones, doing the “heavy lifting,” with services like content creation, email marketing, customer interviews, graphic design, and social media management. We help our clients develop educational and useful content to resonate with and nurture hard-to-reach audiences. 

But, it’s not all about the technical content; after all, don’t we all want to buy from companies we know, like, and trust? This is true for attracting and retaining great employees as well, another top priority for many of our clients. To that end, we help our clients portray the human side of their company by highlighting their unique company culture and values.

Consistent touch-points and messaging over time aids our clients in deepening their relationships from the engineering level to a business management level with potential customers, employees, suppliers, and their peers. 

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