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Welcome to the Rivergate Marketing Podcast​

Welcome to the Rivergate Marketing podcast

Welcome to the Rivergate Marketing Podcast We are pleased to announce the start of “The Rivergate Marketing Podcast.” Each episode will feature a Rivergate team member discussing marketing topics and strategies that they are individually passionate about. The episodes, which are available now on Spotify, will also be featured on our blog with a transcription […]

The Benefits of Conducting Customer Interviews

Customer Interviews blog image

Keeping a pulse on how clients perceive your company is invaluable to relationship management. Learning where you are excelling and discovering where there is room for improvement allows you to improve relationships.

4 Tips to Develop Public Relations (PR) Strategy

Rivergate marketing PR strategies

Public relations is strategically creating and managing a favorable public image by curating content and relationships.  Successful PR can be a critical component to achieving and maintaining corporate growth, and below we share our four top strategies for developing and distributing content that will delight and engage your audience. At Rivergate Marketing, we focus on […]

Building Trust: The Foundation for Successful Marketing

Rivergate Marketing - Building Trust

Marketing, when done correctly, is centered around building a trusted partnership with your customers – eliminating a vendor/customer relationship and agreeing on a “partnership” begets success. The level of transparency and the sheer volume of information shared on the internet every day means it’s easy for companies to do their homework before entering into an […]

Do You Need Customers to Get Press?

News PR

Customer insight is imperative to develop relevant and engaging content. Features and benefits have very limited value to attract today’s internet savvy customers. Potential customers want to be educated before they enter the buying process with a company. Does this mean the bottom line is that you need customers to be involved in talking to […]