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Unlocking Business Growth: The Power of Client Interviews in Relationship Management

Rivergate Marketing Podcast Client Interviews

In this episode of the Rivergate Marketing Podcast, Grace Clark and Georgia Whalen discuss the importance of client interviews for relationship management and business growth. They argue that in-depth interviews provide valuable insights into clients’ needs and pain points, and are more effective than surveys or questionnaires. The conversation also highlights the benefits of using a third party to […]

Diverse Voices, Better Choices: The Importance of Comprehensive Client Feedback for Business Growth

Rivergate Marketing Choosing Clients for Client Interviews

Unlocking Business Potential Through Multi-Faceted Client Perspectives How Engaging a Range of Client Experiences Drives Improvement and Growth. Gathering diverse client feedback is a vital part of improving an organization’s products and services. When you engage in a relationship with Rivergate Marketing, we request to interview a subset of your clients to obtain this well-rounded perspective […]