Content Marketing

content marketingYour prospects want to be educated, not convinced.

Content marketing provides relevant, high-quality information to draw in customers and establish your expertise. This means continuously providing  valuable content, keyword rich content.  Content often comes in the form of blog posts, white papers, case studies, articles, or videos.

Creating content can be time consuming, but it is essential to any successful marketing strategy in today’s digital world.  Rivergate Marketing has experience generating ideas and writing content.

For Engineering Companies

We speak your language, and we understand your business and your prospects. PLC’s, HMI’s, SCADA, and so on.  Not many marketers are going to understand the lingo and be able to break it down into an effective message – just technical enough to please the engineers, and clear in the value message for the non-engineer decision makers, concerned with ROI. We work with your engineering staff to understand and capture what we need to a tell your unique story.


Converting Obsolete Siemens S5 PLCs to S7

Patti Engineering Ancor Case Study Video

For Law Enforcement Technology Companies

Working in the industry for nearly five years, we have a network of resources to leverage in helping your content reach your target market. We understand the public sector sales cycle and process. We know how to create compelling content to reach your target market.


Washington County Library Express Video


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